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Due to covid-19 online coaching has quickly become a growing phenomenon in the health and fitness industry, mainly because gyms were closed and personal trainers needed a way to continue working, and people needed effective workouts they could do from home.

If you have been thinking of taking your 1-2-1 coaching online or want to start an online coaching business but are unsure how it works and what the pros and cons are, then keep reading on, in today's blog we will go through:

  • What Online coaching is

  • What online personal training includes

  • Why you may want to become an online fitness coach

  • The drawbacks to online personal training

  • The qualifications needed to be an online personal trainer?

What Is Online Coaching?

Online coaching allows personal trainers to offer sessions and tools to clients that give them progression, workout programs, advice, support, communication, and reviews without the need for in-person sessions. Online coaching is 1-2-1 training that is carried out via live or recorded video, specific training apps, and other necessary software or resources.

What does online personal training include?

Like 1-2-1 training, as a coach, you will take your client's goals, understand their current fitness level and lifestyle habits and create a fitness program that is tailored to their specific wants and needs.

From there you will communicate with clients throughout the week, over email, phone, or video call, providing full support to help your clients get through their workouts, stay on plan, and achieve their goals. You will then send messages back and forth about how the workouts are and how their progress is going. It will enable you to create an online community, where clients can speak to each other, and share their goals, progress, and any tips of their own.

Why become an online fitness coach?

Becoming an online fitness trainer gives you different coaching options. As you're invested in helping people lead a healthy lifestyle. You may have heard clients talk about the costs and time of working out in a gym.

Going online you are able to resolve this issue completely. Instead of exercising in a gym, clients can work out from the comfort of their own homes.

Becoming an online personal trainer is also:

Scalable: As clients do not need to see you in person, you will have the availability to take on more clients than a Personal Trainer can, meaning you can take on as many or as little as you would like.

Flexible: Moving your fitness coaching business online provides flexibility. As you are now in control of your schedule, you can coach in whatever way suits your style.

Cost-effective: Online fitness coaching is often more budget-friendly for you and your clients. This can make your business more attractive than gym-based training, as they don't have to make additional fees.

For yourself, you don’t have to pay for your commute to the gym, keep 100% of the income, and no longer need to pay out £100’s in rent.

Are there any drawbacks to online personal training?

Online personal training has its disadvantages too. Many people opt for 1-2-1 personal training to be kept accountable and motivated. Without it many clients may struggle to stay on track because of this.

Also, there is not in-person guidance on technique and you are unable to offer modifications or corrections on the client's performance there and then

However, with a solid onboarding process, you will be able to see what works well for your clients and you will get to see how their body moves. From here, you can prescribe the best exercises and methods for your client.

Do you need qualifications to be an online personal trainer?

Yes, just like face to face on the gym floor, getting the right qualification is an essential first step.

Now you know what the benefits are of being an online Personal Trainer, we say, what are you waiting for?

To get started on your new, exciting career, enquire today to find out more about the range of fitness courses that we offer here at TherapyFit, download our course prospectus or contact us and a member of our team will be happy to speak with you.

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