Frequently asked questions

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Why are your courses so cheap?

We simply have no overheads. Rather than paying out for facilities etc, we have agreements in place with our partner gyms to provide them with good, quality personal trainers, as well as upskilling their current trainers. Also, our courses can be completed online and in your own fitness facility (with management permission) meaning we don't have to pay for venue hire.

Are your qualifications internationally recognised?

Yes. UK qualifications are recognised all over the world, and where there is a national register of exercise professionals with an agreement in place for mutual recognition, certificates should be recognised for those seeking employment abroad. However, this decision ultimately lies with the relevant country and their local jurisdictions. See EuropeActive and ICREPs for further guidance and information.

How will i be assessed?

Assessment methods vary course to course. You may be required to sit external theory exams to assess knowledge competetence on some courses. On ALL courses you will be required to complete a workbook (portfolio) and practical assessment.

What qualifications do i need to start a course?

Except for the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (learners must have a level 2 certificate in fitness) all of our courses require no prerequisites. We would however recommend you are able to communicate, read and write to English level 2 standards, due to the nature of portfolio work to complete, and powerpoint/videos to watch and listen to.

What if i fail my exam?

We don't like the word fail, and instead we use the word refer. Should you refer on an exam it simply means you're not ready YET. We offer free resists on all of our external theory exams

I have a disability, can i still do a course?

Absolutely. We at Therapyfit Training Academy are committed to ensuring those with a disability, including learning disability are treated fairly and have an equal opportunity to complete their course.

Can you help me find a job once qualified?

Yes. We work with a number of employment partners, specifically gyms and clinics who have exclusivity to our qualified students and therefore you will be put into interview with your chosen facility.

What resources are available to me whilst i study?

We have a dedicated student platform on which you can access course manuals and powerpoint presentations produced by the awarding body. We have handouts, printouts, technique and training videos and recommended extra reading resources all within this platform.

What locations do you offer courses in?

We have dedicated centres in Birmingham where we run our courses from. However, our mentored option means the course can be completed from your own facility (with management permission) we will come to you!

How can i be sure i'm safe on a contact / assessment day?

The centres we use all abide by Covid guidelines and although this varies centre to centre they are risk assessed to ensure both student and staff safety. Upon arrival to these days ALL students (and their assessment / contact day partners) are temperature checked and issued a "Covid pack" including wipes and sanitiser. We ask, for assessments and 1-2-1 contact days you bring "a body" who MUST be from your bubble. Our staff will adhere to the 2m distance rule and will be advised not to work should they feel unwell.