New starter emotions? We got you!

So you’ve qualified. Bagged yourself your first job in a gym. Now you’re probably wondering what to expect over the coming months.

Whilst the future cannot be predicted, our team of experts, who have extensive experience in working with new trainers can weigh in on what to expect and offer some advice for your first 6 months.

• Excitement / Enthusiasm

You walk into your new place of work full of joy and excitement. You’ve switched the office for the gym and you’re bursting at the seems full of enthusiasm. It’s this enthusiasm, excitement and energy which is going to be the deciding factor of your success. The role of a PT requires this. It requires energy, motivation, enthusiasm and encouragement. Walk the floor with your chest out and head held high. Speak to people with confidence, greet those that aren’t so approachable with a nod or a smile and take it all in. There aren’t many places as fun to work!

• Motivation

You’re going to want to do well, naturally. You’ve forked out for your qualification, left your old job behind and motivation is high. You’re motivated to make an impression, help people and make money. Heck, you might even motivate others around you and give them a kickstart. Take this motivation into classes, inductions, conversations with members. Let them see how motivated you are and how this motivation can rub off into them. Be the person, people want to be around. Give off good vibes, good energy!

• Nervousness

As with anything new this is natural. Nerves are high, you’re anxious of this new working environment, and maybe even start second guessing. Rest assured, this is normal. We get it, you want to succeed, you want this so much, if you didn’t get a little nervous, it obviously doesn’t mean that much to you. To overcome this, visit your place of work prior to starting. Workout there, meet the team, interact via social media all actions to put your mind at rest. Yes, starting a new job can be a daunting experience, but once you’ve taught that first class, corrected the form of a member or just had a chat, with another person in the gym, you’ll soon begin to love it!

• Worry / Apprehension

You’re self employed, then it kicks in, you have to make money, to pay bills and enjoy life. Gone is the “security” of a guaranteed monthly salary from your previous job. In comes worry and apprehension on when your next payday will be! And it’s exactly these motivators which will help you to succeed. When we’re employed, by a company, receiving a set salary, that’s it. You get your monthly wage, whether you perform well or not so well. Whether you go above and beyond or hardly lift a finger, your monthly pay remains the same. So where’s the drive / passion to do more? In your role as a personal trainer, the better you perform, the more money you make, the more people you help. Now that is a driving factor! The earning potential is limitless. With rates of £30-40 an hour, going up to £50-60 in London there is really no cap on what you can earn, if that doesn’t motivate you, then back to the 9-5 it is.

• Job satisfaction

Each day you leave the gym, knowing you’ve helped just one person, will bring you a satisfaction like no other. As then, the months go by and you play a role in helping a bride to be look perfect on her wedding day, or a man run his first marathon, you’ll truly understand, there is no job like it. From helping clients become pain free, look and feel their best, excel in their chosen sport or just improve their mental state, the role of a personal trainer is rivalled by none! Not to forget the financial rewards it can bring.

For more information on any of the above, or for advice on how to make your emotions work for you, please feel free to get in touch via our social media platforms, website chat box or email :)

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