Christmas time, mistletoe and wine?

Are you starting to hear from clients ‘I will come back in January’ or ‘I need the money for Christmas, so I need to cut down on my sessions’ ?

Are you starting to think this is the norm and thinking ‘it's just how it is around this time of the year’

At Christmas time you need to understand your clients will be bombarded with extra family commitments, work events, parties and maybe travel and they will not make going to the gym a priority.

As PT’s this can be financially stressful, as some clients may cut back on their training in an effort to save money.

This poses a temporary problem for personal trainers as the set back will slow the progress down for client goals and results. The reduced amount of sessions means less money.

As Personal trainers we need to find ways to motivate, retain and gain clients so that training continues to be a priority.

Last week, we did a post on instagram explaining the 3 mistakes we believe Personal Trainer make around this time of the year. They were:

  • Personal trainers have stopped promoting their services

  • Personal trainers have stopped showing people their value, both online and on the gym floor

  • Personal trainers are not going to plan January until January

We can clearly see people are unsure what it is they need to be doing, especially if this is the first time you have hit the holiday season as a PT.

Don’t worry we have all covered.

Training students over the years we want to give our best approaches.

Ready…. Here we go….

1. Keep Marketing

DO NOT, we mean it, DO NOT stop marketing yourself. So what, it’s Christmas, this is the time people are in the mood to spend money. But if they don’t understand the value you will bring to them, they will not spend.

Still fill up your pipeline, remember people don’t buy from us now, they buy down the line because of problems you can solve. Get out on to the gym floor, speak to members, continue to add value and engage with people through social media, keep building your email base. Keep being consistent, don’t take action on the assumption people don't want to hear from you.

2. Reflect with your current clients

Are you getting your clients excited for the new year? At this time of the month, you may be letting your clients off the gas a bit, telling them to enjoy themselves. You need to show them that you still know what their goals are and what you are planning to do for them in the new year. Using all your notes from check ins or previous sessions, write them a plan and sit down with them. Get them to recommit with you.

3. Plan for January NOW!

This is the biggest one that many PT’s fail to do, as they are thinking, let's get December out of the way and I will plan the year when I am back. Problem is, that's too late, you need to be doing it now. What products do you want, can you start promoting it now. Do you know how many clients you need and how you are going to help them? In January you will have the biggest footfall and it is a huge opportunity to get yourself in front of people. With no plan you will waste it and be that PT who just moans and complains.

Can you start to see where your gaps are in your business?

Our biggest advice is to continue going full force in December, just because no one wants to buy now. When it comes to January they will and if you haven't been consistent guess what, your name won't pop in their head to buy any of your packages or to join your community.

If you are struggling with any of the above feel free to reach out to Nisha, who will be able to help you on any of the above.

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