Are you looking for a career in Personal Training or in the fitness industry but unsure if people still want or need a Personal Trainer, especially with everything that has happened with the Covid Pandemic. Then this article is for you.

We're two months into 2022 and we are always researching what is going on in the industry to keep you updated.

And we have some VERY exciting news for you!

Over the last two years the industry has taken a hit during the pandemic, with numerous UK lockdowns. The impact on the gym industry was immense, with working out at home becoming the only option, causing many gyms to make the switch to accommodate online demand.

When the lockdown was over many people still felt reluctant to come back to the gym, but we are now seeing a rise in demand for PT’s again.

Since the reopening of gyms, the UK population has come back with a fighting demand to get back into their training routines. Though some people may continue to workout from home, for many, being stuck at home has created a strong urge to get back into the gym.

Which is really good news. Not only that. The industry is expected to grow over the next five years, due to rising consumer confidence.

What does this mean…

There is expected to be a drive in revenue growth as a rise in disposable incomes, consumers are less likely to cut back on spending, resulting in higher demand for our services.

This is coupled with a continued increase in the UK’s health consciousness and attitude towards their lifestyle and the extent to which they are willing to make an active effort to live healthily. This level of health consciousness is a strong indicator of year on year growth, as having a personal trainer often requires a commitment to consistent exercise.

With all this in mind, if you are an individual who has been thinking about moving into the fitness industry there has never been a better time than now to do so. Even if you are already a newly qualified personal trainer, at TherapyFit we have a great opportunity right now.

Are you ready to be part of one of the most in-demand health professions, look no further than us. Our friendly supportive tutors will ensure every learner's unique needs are met, whether that is through online support, part time workshops or through an industry first 1-2-1 mentor model. We will provide you with everything you need to succeed as a personal trainer.

But it doesn’t stop there. We offer continued education and support upon course completion. Once qualified, we will still be by your side, offering CV development, organising vacancy applications and interviews and liaising with our fitness partners to ensure you gain employment and obtain all the necessary skills and tools to keep you growing as you build your career.

Get started today, with TherapyFit your new career as a Certified Personal Trainer is only weeks away!

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