3 months as the newbie!

Starting my PT career, (as we all know starting anything new can be hard), was just that. In the beginning, it takes planning, hard work, and discipline to get results. While working at The Gym, as it being my first job in a gym, I've had a lot of new experiences, such as hosting a fitness class for the first time. It was a HIIT class, I was a bit nervous to start, but as soon as I got into the class, the nerves went away and excitement flourished.

I seem to thrive off class energy and this helps a lot with keeping your participants motivated. You interact with a lot of members that are either starting work or have finished work, all with different and some similar goals wanting to push themselves and better themselves in a class and you can assist with that. I knew this was meant for as I was leading the class. Since then I have led a variety of classes which have given me more confidence. Knowing that classes can get repetitive I can now add and change classes making them more challenging and fun!

A confident PT is rare when starting out, because you can't know all the answers and there are many other PT's with a lot more experience than yourself. It's important to know everyone has been at this point before, it's important to build on this. When first starting my journey as a PT I was still employed at my part-time job at Morrisons. I had to balance this with being a PT, which was a small challenge going backwards and forwards in between the two jobs however I managed to make it work. Having set goals within October one of them was to leave my part-time job at Morrisons at the end of November. This was to pursue the long-term goal of personal training as a full-time occupation. To do that I had to be willing to invest my time into the gym which involved doing a lot of lead generation strategies, to gain more clients. When working on different strategies it's all about which one works best for yourself, you will only know by experience. Its all about having your own unique experience and being happy when doing so in the gym. I've met amazing PT's that have all been very helpful within my gym journey and all I've had to do is ask and I've continued to learn from their expansive knowledge in the fitness industry which can be a very competitive one. the PT's I've met so far are genuine and I'm thankful for that. I do believe the reason I became a PT is to help people who want help and I can guide and train their minds and bodies to bring them to open up to seeing and creating the best versions of themselves. The clients I've got now, like others they've come to me with a goal and a problem that I have the responsibility of helping them deal with every step of the way. A's you see the physical change of the body to get to that point there are barriers they will have faced before that such as gym intimidation, not knowing what equipment to use or not having a food plan in place. The process is important the discipline and work rate my clients do have are great. I'm learning my own process and when Personal Training I'm always trying to add and improve stuff making it an enjoyable process for us both. I'm working with great clients that I'm happily continuing to guide and make progress with on their fitness journey and am excited to further work with and share their development in the future. My tips for new PT's are to get a mentor. For myself I've been working with Nisha Parmar, a PT and coach at my gym. She has helped me a lot with growing and planning my PT business, she has given me guidance and knowledge within the fitness industry. She helped me organise a plan for my PT business and allowed me to gain knowledge in 2 months that a lot of PT's would learn over 2 years and a lot to do with being a personal trainer is self-learning. Your job is to develop yourself to better your clients and gain more and more experience. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't know an answer I'm sure someone is willing to share their experience. You won't always know the answer and that's fine. Just don't get overwhelmed, this is when you can grow your knowledge and expand. The more you invest into your business the more you'll get out of your business. Planning is important, not only when it comes down to your nutrition and training but also your content. Knowing what you want to achieve and what you want out of your business and you will have challenges along the way as well as positives this is where you'll continue to figure out yourself, what you want to achieve and which is the best way to do it you just have to be willing to try.

The PT industry is competitive. You will have to put in hours to see results in your business i'm still on my journey right now i'm still growing and expanding my knowledge and there's always more to learn. It's important to remember why you became a PT and for me that reason was to help people achieve the best version of themselves.

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