Why Sports Massage?

The sport’s therapy industry has had a spurt in recent years, but are fitness professionals simply following a trend or are they on to something?

This week we look at the benefits of adding a sports massage qualification to your resume.


Keep everything in house:

One of the benefits to adding a sports massage to an existing personal training qualification is the option to keep everything in house. You are ultimately responsible for the treatment and training of your clients. You can offer both personal training and recovery sessions as part of a package. Rather than sending your clients to

massage therapists for treatment of niggles, pains and tight muscles you can offer this service and see to these hiccups yourself. You know exactly what your client has worked in previous sessions, you know exactly where muscles may be sore or tight, therefore via sports massage techniques you’re able to aid and improve recovery and offer a holistic package rather than being “just a trainer”



Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation:

Even those with the best trainers are susceptible to injury. The human body, with all its glory, is still a fragile and vulnerable system. Injury is always a risk when training.

First, you have a huge impact on preventing injury by spotting malfunctions or dysfunctions within your PT sessions. Maybe you’ve spotted a tight hamstring a pulled lower back or something incorrect with their biomechanics. Rather than send them to an external therapist, you’re able to treat this yourself, maybe even instantly (remember sports massage can take place in any location - you’re not confined to a clinic facility)

This will aid the longevity of your client, but not just that, the trust and rapport and bond with clients will increase, leading to client retention.


As for injury rehabilitation. As mentioned, injury is always a risk, sometimes inevitable no matter how good the trainer. So offering a service where you rehabilitate and treat your own clients is a great add-on! Clients will come to you to be treated via sports massage techniques, then follow a plan you’ve set them to strengthen or stretch affected areas, often with you by their side. You know your clients, you know what works for them, why send them somewhere else?


Again, this builds trust, aids longevity and ultimately increases client retention.

Extra Income:

If the above are implanted well, not only will they need to better client retention, but also increased income for the fitness professional. The more qualifications you can add to your repertoire, the higher you can charge for such services, this will also stand you out against the rest of the industry, those who have one industry standard qualification that focuses on one specific avenue  By offering Sports Massage treatments to clients, you are in a position to earn more money.