New Years Resolution?


These are the promotions that will be landing in many inboxes during January, to join a local gym. A reminder to people that it's that time again.

Many people will be making a promise to themselves that this year they will become the best versions of themselves.

Every year, fitness related resolutions are made, and are often the most popular, usually accompanied by the words "new year, new me"

This January, the rush may even exceed the years that have gone by due to more and more people taking an interest in bettering their health.

Christmas and new year has come and gone, which will have resulted in overindulgence, extra night outs, more consumption of alcohol and very little activity. So no matter what has happened during December, people will have weight to lose, fitness to improve and will need YOU!

The January gym spike is real, but it soon drops off, with those making their new years resolutions (and expecting results overnight) beginning to realise, some commitment and hard work is actually required.

In weeks to come, do you know what unsuccessful PT's will be complaining about?

How people just give up, how they don't have the willpower to stick at it longer, how it's the new year new me crew and you can’t wait for them to leave so you can speak to serious ones!

The cold, hard truth is that our determination and motivation goes up and down and we all have times where we have fallen off the wagon. Even us as fitness professionals, who understand the benefits and the time they take to accrue.

The problem here is that PT's often don’t talk about the Why. They'd rather chat amongst other PT's asking the same questions, albeit to the wrong people.

"Why did they give up?"

"Why couldn't they achieve their goal?"

"Why couldn't they overcome any barriers or obstacles?"

If you are actually interested in helping people, then look into helping them, rather than rolling your eyes and judging them.

So listen up!!

The biggest issue we see is that many social media influencers will aim to write their content for the advanced gym goers. Someone who has good mobility, knows how to exercise and just needs a kick start.

Programming squats, press ups and other complex exercises to beginners, without any guidance or instruction can often lead to incorrect form, resulting in injury or can often lead to the client finding exercises too difficult and giving up.

When you spend the time to understand the new clientele in your gym, you will understand they have spent years (especially the past couple, with WFH being the new norm) sitting at a desk in front of a screen which has caused numerous issues, you will understand many people have had a tough year with their loved ones and have just been able to make the time for them, you will understand they have lost all confidence and just want to feel better. We could carry on but this is something you need to get out and find out. What is their reason for a ‘New Me’. But since motivation is based on emotion, this is why you see the drop offs.

When people buy gym memberships, they actually have the best of intentions in mind, but the commitments are made by their emotional state. Motivation helps with short-term objectives, but are useless for objectives that require a longer time to accomplish.

You will NEVER know this because you are too busy mocking them with other PT’s in the gym.

Not until you:

  • Change your perspective on ‘New Year's Resolution’ Clients

  • Leave your ego at the door

  • Stop waiting around for the serious clients

Then will you see January as an opportunity to have conversations with people, demonstrate what you can offer and show the value you can add to their lives.

This is when their New Year's Resolutions become a goal.

So, this January get out on to the gym floor and use the rise in members at your gym to your advantage!

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